Real Stories: Hope Lives Here

To get a sense of what life is really like for children who are forced into child labour it’s important to look at some real-life stories. Some of the stories below reflect problems that persist, while others show positive change.

Five Lives I Can't Imagine for My Son: Seafood Diver

Child divers like Ariel risk drowning to hunt for treasure under water. The treasure he's seeking isn’t gold – it’s seafood.

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Five Lives I Can't Imagine for my Son: Shoe Maker

Thirteen-year-old Jatin makes shoes all day in Agra, India. He works out of someone's home cutting, stitching, and gluing leather pieces.

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Cocoa Barometer shows farmers still in extreme poverty

See the top 5 findings from this important report.


The ethical efforts of the world's largest chocolate company

Learn about what Mondelēz International is doing to reduce child labour in cocoa.

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Living Life By A Thread

At the age of 12, Bithi was sent by her family to work in a garment factory.

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Toiling Away in the Coffee Fields

Marco wakes up at seven each morning to spend his day working on a Guatemalan coffee plantation.

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