Real Stories: Hope Lives Here

To get a sense of what life is really like for children who are forced into child labour it’s important to look at some real-life stories. Some of the stories below reflect problems that persist, while others show positive change.

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Weaving A Childhood Away

Serkalem, 15, has been labouring since age 9. Long hours of labour left her with persistent pain and little ability to study.

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Story of a Child Mother

Sobita's mother forced her to marry when she was only in grade one and became pregnant shortly after.

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Early Marriage: A Heart-breaking Practice for Habtam

Hear how early marriage can destroy a young woman's future.

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Chanhsy and Putsavanh Escape Domestic Slavery

See how Chanhsy and Putsavanh risked their lives to escape from domestic slavery.

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Min Min is Trafficked into Fishing

Min Min was sold to an Indonesian fishing boat, then escaped and spent 9 years of his life struggling to reunite with his family.

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