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You will be sent 7 challenges over two weeks as a member of our Voices community. Each challenge includes tips and tools showing how your conscious choices can help protect children from dangerous work.

What is a conscious consumer?

A conscious consumer considers the impact of their decisions on children, society and the environment. Conscious consumers use their choices to help protect children from harmful child labour, and minimize social and environmental damage. Conscious consumers:

Promote sustainability by buying ethical, buying less and buying local.

Share resources to help others become more conscious consumers.

encourage businesses and government to have positive social and environmental practices.

How will the challenge help you become a more conscious consumer?

Millions of children work in factories, farms, and other settings to produce goods that may end up on Canadian store shelves. It's not easy or clear what we can do to change this. Each of the seven Challenges introduces a consumer practice that helps address child labour in the products we buy. Practices like:

Buy Certified

Buy Certified

You know that every effort has been made to keep children out of dangerous work when you shop at producer-focused retailers like Ten Thousand Villages or purchase products with ethical certifications. Look for these labels:

Buy Local

Buy Local

Products that are grown or produced locally are almost always a good choice.

Buying local is good for your community's economy, creates more jobs, and is often better for the environment.

Speak Up

Speak Out

Use your voice as a consumer/citizen to help eradicate child labour.

Change will come as more Canadians ask businesses and government to work together to ensure supply chains are transparent and free of exploitation.

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