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Being informed is the first step toward fighting for change. Dive deep into the issue of child slavery with our helpful guides, fact sheets and infographics. Then take action. Buy ethical products, like chocolate. Book travel with companies that protect children from exploitation. Or get more involved in the fight against child slavery by becoming an advocate.

Responsible Chocolate Checklist

See what Nestlé, Mars, Cadbury, Hershey's, and Ferrero are doing to address child labour in the cocoa industry.

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Infographic: Mapping Global Imports to Canada

Use our global and regional maps to understand Canadian imports of good that may contain child labour.

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Supply Chain Transparency: Why it's Needed

Find out why World Vision is calling for supply chain transparency for all goods sold in Canada

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Sticker Shock 2: Where do our products come from?

A look at where is Canada importing its shrimp from and the growth of our clothing imports.

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Sticker Shock 1: Where do our products come from?

See what country Canada has seen a 2,368% increase in footwear imports from in the last five years.

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The Issue: Coffee and Child Labour

Learn about the coffee's hidden kick - the connections between our labour exploitation and our morning brew.

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