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Being informed is the first step toward fighting for change. Dive deep into the issue of child slavery with our helpful guides, fact sheets and infographics. Then take action. Buy ethical products, like chocolate. Book travel with companies that protect children from exploitation. Or get more involved in the fight against child slavery by becoming an advocate.

The Issue: Coffee and Child Labour

Learn about the coffee's hidden kick - the connections between our labour exploitation and our morning brew.

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"Voices" Top 10 Ethical Shopping Tips

View the top 10 ethical shopping recommendations sent in by Voices for Children members across the country.

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Know the "hidden costs" of what you buy

Learn about the hidden costs behind your purchases and what questions you can raise with companies to show your concern.

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Child Labour: Everyone's Business

Everyone can make a difference in the fight to end child labour. Find out how you can help.

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Shop Ethically: Top 5 Tips

Learn the top 5 tips for shopping ethically so that you can make a difference in the FIGHT to end child slavery.

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Learn the daily hazards that children face when they are forced to work in cotton fields for little to no pay.

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