Real Stories: Hope Lives Here

To get a sense of what life is really like for children who are forced into child labour it’s important to look at some real-life stories. Some of the stories below reflect problems that persist, while others show positive change.

The ethical efforts of the world's largest chocolate company

Learn about what Mondelēz International is doing to reduce child labour in cocoa.

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Living Life By A Thread

At the age of 12, Bithi was sent by her family to work in a garment factory.

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Toiling Away in the Coffee Fields

Marco woke up at seven each morning to spend his day working on a Guatemalan coffee plantation. Sponsorship changed this.

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A conversation with Mondelez International on ethical chocolate

Find out what we learned from the producer of Cadbury products on their efforts to source ethical cocoa.

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Backbreaking labour: Srey's Story

13 year-old Srey Neang works and lives in a brick factory. See her story.

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Voices Top 10 Ethical Shopping Tips

Incorporating these practical actions into your life will help you becoming a more ethical consumer.

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