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Browse the resources to learn more about child labour and how we, as a country and as individuals, can take action to address it.

Cocoa - A Bitter Journey

See the 5 steps in cocoa's supply chain and how we are connected to child labour in the industry.


Supply Chain Risk Report

A look at 44 companies with goods at risk of using child labour or forced labour: what we found and recommendations.

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Bitter Brew: Child labour and our Coffee

Learn about the level of our addiction and how child labour may be at the bottom of the cup.

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Learn what it means to shop ethically and how it can help in the fight against child slavery.

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Check the Chain Infographic

See what opportunities exist in apparel company supply chains to address child labour.

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Behind our labels - 10 steps companies can take

Engage your company in these steps to help ensure child labour is free from its supply chains.

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